Terms & Conditions
Rules for a peaceful and relaxing stay

1 - Respecting the other guests and our neighbors, is not allowed to make too much noise, such as speaking out loud, or to listen to music through speakers.

2 - Smoking is only allowed at outdoor spaces (terrace, rooftop, pool area, etc.)

3 - It's not allowed to keep or consume food and/or drinks in the bedrooms. We recommend you to storage them in those dedicated spaces in the kitchen or at coffee station, on 1st floor. There you can also find some labels and pencils for putting the name on your products.

4 - It's strictly forbidden to let enter foreign or not registered people in the structure without asking for permission.

5 - It's not possible to decorate with corianders or glitters, neither indoor or outdoor.

6 -We kindly ask you to don't remove bedrooms' keys and the entrance one from their site. We also recommend you to don't forget the keys in the locks. Coffee room guests must return the key at check-out time.

7 - For your own and your personal kinds of stuff safety, we recommend you to always close your room door when going out.

8 - Villa Goyita Hostel staff won't be responsible for any lost item in the structure; for this reason, we inform you that there are some lockers on 1st floor. There's also the possibility to rent the lock pads for them.

9 - Everything that will be found damaged must be refunded: the payback will be proportioned to the damage.

10 - We kindly ask you to contribute to the cleaning maintenance of all the common areas and related kinds of stuff. We suggest you fill the dishwasher in the kitchen for the wares: less use of water, less work :)

11 -Villa Goyita Hostel staff will clean daily the whole structure, including the bedrooms. For this reason, we will freely enter them after 12:00 (check-out time).

12 - Respecting our dear environment, smart use of electricity and water will be deeply appreciated, as well as a correct trash separation in the right bins to recycle everything we can.

13 - We suggest to our dorms guests to leave shoes outside the rooms (there's some space down the lockers and on the 1st floor balcony, at the end of the hallway) and to never put rucksacks or luggage on beds, for a hygienically issue.

14 - Every booking can be cancelled at every time, but we won't return the deposit in case the cancellation is communicated within 30 days to the arrival date, in case of a full hostel booking for a group or we will keep the cost for the first night if cancelled 2 days before the arrival in case of hostel bookings.

15- It's forbidden to use breakable glasses and fire objects (shisha or bbq) on the artificial grass and all along the swimming pool, due to damage prevention.